Fleetm@tic is a carefully designed fleet management system, which can greatly assist you in running your operations.

By taking ownership of your fleet with the support of Fleem@tic , you will be capable of keeping your projects on schedule, maintain machine health and reduce the costs of running your fleet.

Access the secure website from any location with an internet connection, as this is your gateway to detailed information of your fleet. Remote monitoring of your machines will include vital detail such as fuel consumption, when and where a machine is operating, vehicle speed, machine health, driver access and much more.

Our service indicator will ensure that you and your closest Bell Customer Care Centre receive sufficient notice that the service on a specific machine is due, thus avoiding machines running over their service hours.

Fleetm@tic is a satellite based system, driven by a series of satelites with world wide coverage. Production and machine data gathered, is sent via a satelite modem, mounted on the machine, which in turn will send the data to our server. From here the raw data is compiled into reports which will make it easier for you, the user, to read.

A selection of reports are available on each machine, ranging from Daily, Weekly, Shift, Monthly, Load and Event reports. These reports can be set up and the automated system will ensure that your reports are delivered to you promptly, ensuring you have detailed information at your fingertips at all times. Advanced maps will display your machine's location.

Fleetm@tic is available in 3 different packages to meet our customers requirements.

Activating the Driver ID Access feature, will enable you to be familiar with the driver operating your machine during a specific shift. This will ensure that your staff will take responsibility for the machine during their shift.

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